Oval/Marcus Popp


Troparium, Auditorium Rainier III

Horaire : 30th April 2016 – 00:45 : 01:15

Duration:30 minutes

Photo credit: © Trevor Good

Berlin-based Markus Popp a.k.a. Oval is a pioneer of contemporary electronic music, who in the 1990s almost singlehandedly created an entire musical genre – ‘Glitch’ music incorporating electronic ‘error’ sounds. Since then, Popp has remained a tireless innovator, working with visual installation or recording albums with musicians from the Brazilian region of Bahia. He will bring an entirely new set of music to the Troparium of Auditorium Rainer III, testing the limits of what could be his version of irresistibly rhythmic ‘beats’ but working without the usual preset sounds so common in contemporary dance music.


Born in Darmstadt in 1968, Markus Popp, alias OVAL, is a musician and computer scientist.
He co-founded Laptopscene in the mid-1990s and is the brains behind the glitch style. He lives in Berlin.

He currently focuses his attention on the “digital parasite” – the clicks and buzzes which result from computer calculation errors or crashes. He works these sounds into repetitive rhythmic structures with the sole aim of describing the internal organisation of computer systems. He considers musical intuition and creativity to be outdated in today’s world.

OVAL’s music is computer music, made up of scraps of music and musicality, mixing aestheticism and audio arrangements.