MRS – Musique Rythmique & Sportive

L’Oeil du Cyclone

Terrasse publique de l’Hôtel Fairmont Monte-Carlo

Horaire : 29th April 2016

Photo credit: © MRS

Located at the centre of an atmospheric disturbance, the eye of a cyclone is the zone unaffected by the storm. As conceived by the MRS artists’ collective, it is also a light and music installation, an oasis of calm at the centre of the Nuit Blanche de Monaco. In front of an orchestra of loudspeakers, the audience is welcomed onto a stage facing the sea, where chaise longues and soft lights, synchronised with the music, await them. Listeners thus find themselves immersed in the sound where they can perceive the nuances of the interior and the tiniest variations produced by their own movements. This experience of relaxation for the body and mind invites mediation and provides an opportunity to listen to oneself and take notice of nature.


A product of Studio Phebe’s in Monaco, MRS – Musique Rhythmique & Sportive is an artists’ collective comprising Jérôme Noguera, Sacha and Micha Vanony. The collective is active in the fields of sound, video and light art. Performances and installations are fields of experimentation which MRS explores with the help of digital tools (sound, video and interactive mechanisms), nourished organically (instrumentalists, performers and dancers).