Max Frisinger

Apparatus for Sinking Bodies

Esplanade du Grimaldi Forum

Horaire : 29th April 2016

Poto credit : © WhiteSpaceBlackBox

Berlin-based artist Max Frisinger has a unique approach. For years now it has involved him collecting, usually at night, stuff he finds on the streets, using them as raw material for intricate, complex installations. The seeming casualness of that approach belies the fact that this technique is actually a crafty sculptural one and requires a concrete, cognitive-haptic procedure. It involves compositional decisions that recall abstract-gestural painting – minus the smearing and shaping of wet paint. In contrast to painting, all objects add their concrete ‘real life’ voices to the abstracting process of composition. For Nuit Blanche, he will bring a unique sculpture based on elements from the streets of Berlin to the Esplanade in front of Grimaldi Forum.

Frisinger was born in Bremen in 1980, and lives and works in Berlin. When asked about his works and the development of his practice, Frisinger simply states: “inveni, vidi, vici” (“I found, I saw, I conquered”). His assemblages, which appear to be random and yet constructed with great precision, can be seen to be making reference to the tradition of refuse-based art, recycling detritus to comment on the society of excess.

The ghosts of Marcel Duchamp’s readymades and Jean Tinguely’s found-object sculptures are never far away. There are also echoes of Arman’s accumulations or Daniel Spoerri’s snare pictures, along with a clear poetic playfulness, somewhere between Joseph Cornell and the musical, performative improvisations of Fluxus.