Fabian Marti


Esplanade du Grimaldi Forum

Horaire : 29th April 2016

Photo credit: © Fabian Marti

The Swiss artist Fabian Marti works across a wide range of media, from ceramics to film to photograms, from modular sculptures to quasi-institutions he has founded such as the Zurich Arts Club. Another such invention of Marti’s is the TwoHOTEL, a structure he originally built in 2013 on Piracanga Beach in Bahia, Brazil, with the aim of creating a hotel for artists. Everything in the little building, made with characteristic pink-coloured plywood from the region, including the furniture and ceramic tableware, was designed by the artist. The house, now in the collection of Migros Museum in Zurich, will be brought to Monaco and become a hub for all artists involved with Nuit Blanche, creating a meeting point on the Esplanade in front of Grimaldi Forum.

Born in Fribourg in 1979, Fabian Marti lives and works in Zurich and Los Angeles. His work is extremely versatile, incorporating photography, wood, ceramics and installation. The imagery found in Marti’s art reflects his fascination with esoteric symbolism, cultural anthropology, music and scientific debate. Marti constantly seeks out opportunities for collaboration, whether to produce artworks or as a curator, as with the recent opening of the Hacienda, an exhibition space in Zurich managed in partnership with Oskar Weiss and Arthur Fink. His work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad, including at the Swiss Institute in New York in 2010, the Kunsthalle in Vienna in 2013, or more recently at Witte de With in Amsterdam in 2014.