Big Sun

source site Auditorium Rainier III

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source url Horaire : 30th April 2016 – 01:20 - 02:20

follow Duration:60 minutes

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doxycycline monohydrate price With Big Sun, his fourth album, Paris-based musician enter site Christophe Chassol crowns his trilogy of ultrascores (a method he developed for harmonizing, symphonizing real life) begun with New Orleans Creole (2011) and continued with India (2013). Travelling to his parents’ native Martinique, Chassol for Big Sun has made field-recordings of the whistling of a bird and that of Pipo Gertrude, poetry by Joby Bernabé, conversation with a mountain resident, Sissido’s and Samak’s rap, or the sounds of the carnival of Fort-de-France. Chassol plays live to these recordings with a natural feel, a natural touch, creating pieces that are far from natural. Frank Ocean made no mistake when he chose Chassol for his upcoming album, and neither did Laurie Anderson, Terry Riley and Gilles Peterson. The Martinique illustrated by Big Sun shatters clichés, codes and musical genres. Chassol will perform at Auditorium Rainer III.

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zithromax cost NZ Born in 1976 of Martinican ancestry, Christophe Chassol has performed on the biggest international stages, either solo or with artists such as Sébastien Tellier, The Cure and Iggy Pop. He is responsible for the soundtracks of films such as: Dark Touch, The Incident, Delicacy, Our Day Will Come, Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie, Narco: The Secret Adventures of Gustave Klopp, and Mean Spirit. Chassol has also collaborated with Peter Klasen (Photoplay, LAAC Dunkirk), Sophie Calle (Venice Biennale, 2007) and Xavier Veilhan.

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