Binelde Hyrcan


Musée Océanographique

Horaire : 29th April 2016

In 2015, Binelde Hyran, an alumnus of Pavillon Bosio, École supérieure d’arts plastiques de la Ville de Monaco, participated in the Angolian Pavilion of the 56th Venice Biennale. Working across sculpture, painting, design, video and performance, Hyrcan is an inventive and satirical artist. In his video Cambeck Voitures, which he will present at Nuit Blanche, four young boys, on the beach near the Angolian capital of Luanda, play being stuck in a car in a traffic jam, humorously imitating adult behavior.


Born in Luanda, Angola in 1983, Binelde Hyrcan lives and works between Nice and Paris.

He was raised in Angola, and the images of war he encountered in his youth have left an indelible mark on him. This young and very eclectic artist combines a variety of artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, design, video and performance. His most famous work is thirteen hours, an installation where stuffed chickens wear clothes and assume human characteristics and social roles.