Bettina Allamoda

Bed Bondage / Anti Stationnement

Esplanade du Grimaldi Forum

Horaire : 29th April 2016

Photo credit: Eckrammschutzbügel (Silver) 2015, jersey lamé elasthan/ steel, dimensions allover (from the Installation: Newbuild) photo: L.Paffrath

For the Nuit Blanche in Monaco, Bettina Allamoda develops a sculpture basically consisting of ready-made and customized materials mainly incorporated and « imported » from Berlin. Following a fixed structure, the end form and scale is conceived to grow or expand into a work that will be created on site. Using the sculptural principle of « torsion » the fabric supports the scaffolding of the sculpture as a main stand.  Bettina Allamoda uses the esplanade of the Grimaldi Forum literally as a point of « suspension » to connect them to the highly flexible fabric and then reinforce, or enhance the sculpture.

Born in Chicago in 1964, Bettina Allamoda lives and works in Berlin. Far from limiting herself to her own art, which mixes performance, collage, sculpture and video, she alternately assumes the points of view of curator, writer or editor. The foundation of her work involves analysing and updating the visibility strategies at work in popular cultural phenomena such as fashion, art and architecture, challenging through discourse the social role and even the function of art today.

She has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums, with solo exhibitions including: NEWBUILD, Verein für Kunst und Kultur Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin; Expo 2014, with Manfred Pernice, Brandenburgischer Kunstverein, Potsdam; Hybrid Naples 2013, Fondazione Morra Greco, Naples; No Go – The Exorcist Revisited/Brick Security, Kunsthaus Erfurt; Public Fabric 2009, with Rainer Kamlah, BM Suma Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul; Wall Wear/Nation Building, Hubert Bächler Gallery, Zurich; To Die For (with Nikolaus Utermöhlen), Berlin.